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Letter to Keller Alliance

A letter from the owner of AAMCO Keller, TX

AAMCO Keller  | 03/25/2020  | Car Comfort & Safety Tips

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Letter to Keller Alliance

Dear Keller and Alliance area families and businesses,

During these uncertain times, I believe it is the duty of local businesses and residents to help each other when we can.  As I watch some of my business friends struggle to keep their perfectly good businesses afloat pre virus event, AAMCO Auto Repairs has been fortunate to be considered an “essential service” and are still open for business.  With that in mind, I believe it is our responsibility to help local families and businesses in need for as long as we can.  We have been affected, but not to the extent that many of these other businesses have.

I explained to my staff that instead of me taking a salary for the next couple months, I would use that money to help subsidize services for people and businesses adversely affected by the Coronavirus Event.  If you have been dramatically affected and must get repairs done to your vehicle, please call me and I will do something to bring the cost of your repair down significantly from our normal charge.  No funny business!  Just identify yourself to John or me so we can tag your repair order.

For small businesses that need help, we will be happy to drop you back at work locally and in some cases, may be able to pick up your vehicle and drop it back off for extended service repairs.  We are here to be part of your solution and not part of the pain during this event.

I ask those of you not dramatically affected to support your local small business when you can.  I know many of these businesses were here for you when your kids needed a sponsor, your school needed help or when local citizens had a cause we needed to respond.  These local businesses are part of our community’s fabric and gives us that “small town feel”.  I am positive we are better because of them, so please call that restaurant, visit your local hardware store, we invest so much of our time and money in our community.

Our AAMCO Auto Repair shop is located at 1485 S Main St, Keller TX  76248, just ¼ mile south of Kroger Rd on Hwy 377.  Our phone number is 817.431.0009 and my cell number is 817.600.6179.  If you need help, call John or me and we will help as much as possible.

If you would like to drop by and donate money to help subsidize repairs for others most affected by this event, we would be happy to accept.  We appreciate the donations we’ve received so far.  If you are practicing social distancing, just let us know and we will adjust and let you know about our drop box.

Best Regards,

David Gerda
AAMCO Auto Repairs
1485 S Main St
Keller TX  76248

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