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How Many Miles Can You Drive On A Spare Tire

AAMCO Keller is a Transmission & Auto Repair shop helping customers looking for how many miles can you drive on a spare tire. AAMCO Keller...

AAMCO Keller  | 01/08/2019  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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How Many Miles Can You Drive On A Spare Tire

Keller Transmission Repair & Auto Repair

Serving Keller, Southlake, Fort Worth, Trophy Club, Watauga, Hurst, North Richland Hills and the DFW Area

AAMCO Transmissions of Keller our technicians are the best trained in the industry with not only 20 years experience on new cars but also over 50 years experience in the automotive industry. Our goal is not only to provide the best product in the industry but also the best customer service available. AAMCO of Keller is here to help customers searching for how many miles can you drive on a spare tire.   A recent survey showed that over 95% of cars serviced with major repairs at AAMCO are still in service with many reaching the 100,000 mile range without failure.

At AAMCO of Keller we believe that getting the best value for your dollar is the most important part of any repair. That is why all of our services come with a minimum of a one year warranty and not the typical 90 days provided by most repair shops. We use only the highest quality parts available.

AAMCO of Keller is a full-service auto repair and preventive maintenance center. We are automatic and manual transmission experts. We provide transmission service and maintenance as well as transmission flush & filter service. We are conveniently located for your service and maintenance needs and we are qualified to repair and service all domestic and imported cars, trucks, and SUV’s using parts that are equal to or exceed the standards of those parts originally used by the manufacturers. We are definitely the cost-effective alternative to car dealership servicing for all scheduled maintenance of your personal or company auto, pickup or truck. Regardless of where it was built, we will service your car or truck and still maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. We honor most extended warranties.

AAMCO of Keller is independently owned and operated. We pride ourselves on getting the services or repairs on your auto right the first time by our highly qualified service technicians. So drop your auto, SUV, or truck off today and allow us to provide you with excellent service. We look forward to servicing your vehicle.

You depend on your car, and when it stops running, you need a reliable repair at a reasonable price to get you back on the road as soon as possible. When trouble strikes your vehicle, AAMCO of Keller is here to help get you back on the road in a safely and affordable manner for customers that are in need of how many miles can you drive on a spare tire.  AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Keller. We live up to our nearly 50 years as the most trusted name in transmission repair with quality, guaranteed work at a fair price. You will never get unnecessary repairs, nor will you get less than you need or inferior, junkyard parts.  When you leave AAMCO, you know your repairs will be backed by a no-questions-asked nationwide warranty—the strongest nationwide warranty in the industry.

To talk to one of our technicians about your transmission problem, please schedule your appointment online or call us!

Expert Diagnosis for Expert Repair

We are able to offer our warranty because we have confidence that every repair is the right one.  Most of the time, our extensive diagnostic procedure allows us to get you back on the road with only a minor repair.

Our exclusive TranScan diagnostic, which includes:

  • A check of the level and condition of your transmission fluid
  • When applicable, a check of the level and condition of your transfer case and differential fluid
  • A road test, where we will not only look for the problem you reported, but also evaluate your transmission’s performance including:
    • Initial engagements
    • Each drive range
    • Upshift timing and quality
    • Downshift timing and quality
    • Passing gear
    • TCC engagement
    • Park-hold
    • Neutral
    • Reverse
    • 4×4 performance
    • Noises
    • Vibrations

At AAMCO of Keller our diagnostic does not stop with your transmission. We will scan the computer for trouble codes, and your vehicle will be placed on a lift to look for any possible cause of the problem external to the transmission including:

  • Shift linkage or cable
  • Vacuum connections
  • Wire condition
  • TV/detent cable/linkage
  • Harness connections
  • Ground connections
  • Engine performance
  • Engine idle
  • Mounts
  • Final drive
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-joints/CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasket

Your Keller AAMCO has access to numerous proprietary tools that help us to identify problems that may leave other shops guessing. Many transmission problems start when your transmission receives the wrong signals from your vehicle’s computer system. The exclusive AAMCO Computer Diagnostic Service includes:

  • A computer scan that checks all critical computer systems in the vehicle for trouble codes. A variety of systems could cause drivability issues, and we want to check them all to find the true cause of your problem.
  • We then run the results against the most extensive transmission computer diagnostic source available anywhere: our proprietary AAMCO technical database.
  • We can also check to see whether the problem is inside or outside of the transmission using the AAMCO Kwiktest™ PlusBox.

Your certified AAMCO center technician will also attempt to track down any electronic component or part that needs replacing, by:

  • Checking the electronic components
  • Checking the solenoids and sensors
  • Checking the wiring to and from the transmission, solenoids and sensors

It is our comprehensive diagnostic approach that sets AAMCO apart, so that you only get the repair you need and your car, truck or SUV is back on the road how many miles can you drive on a spare tire as soon as possible.

At your Keller AAMCO, when we find the problem, we will recommend the repair and not before. We won’t recommend a rebuilt transmission service until we know EXACTLY what is causing your problem.

Don’t work with a mechanic who is guessing at your problem. Work with a certified AAMCO technician who will find the problem before he begins work. To learn more, please contact AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Keller today.

At AAMCO Transmission and Keller Auto Repair, we thoroughly diagnose every vehicle before repair. We don’t begin work until we’ve identified the problem to help customers looking for how many miles can you drive on a spare tire near Keller, TX. When we know what the problem is, we will provide you with an estimate for the work. Feel free to ask us questions about the estimate or any item on it, we’ll be happy to explain.

Services we offer:

Factory recommended service
External and check engine light diagnostic services
Computer and electrical diagnostic checks (engine and transmission)
Automatic and manual transmission repair, rebuilding and upgrading
Clutch and clutch hydraulic repair and replacement
Transfer case repair and rebuilding
Differential rebuilding
Brake service and repair
Engine tune-ups, maintenance, and replacement
Fleet maintenance programs for both local and nationwide fleets
Air Conditioning Repair and Service
Vehicle Cooling Systems (Radiator)

Quality Repairs

At AAMCO Transmission and Automotive Repair of Keller, we always perform your repairs using the highest quality of parts available—equal or superior to the parts used by the manufacturer. We never use junkyard parts, because your repairs are intended to last a long time. Are customers that are looking for how many miles can you drive on a spare tire can count on the team of experts at AAMCO Keller. That’s a promise we stand behind with a minimum of 90-day warranty for even the most minor repairs, and a year or more for major repairs. These are nationwide warranties, so you can take your car on the road with confidence. Trust us to be your preferred Keller Auto Repair company! Call Us Today at (817) 431-0009 or schedule your appointment online now!

Be sure to check out our current specials and coupons for exclusive savings and AAMCO of Keller is proud to always honor a discount for Military, First Responders & Educators! Looking for another way to pay for your auto repair? Be sure to check out current financing offers and apply quickly online.

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