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What To Do If Your Car's AC Isn't Cooling

The heat of Summer is quickly approaching Keller, TX and you don't want to be left with a Cars AC that isn't cooling properly. AAMCO Of Keller Car AC...

AAMCO Keller  | 05/16/2019  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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What To Do If Your Car's AC Isn't Cooling

The summer is quickly approaching for DFW Texas and with the increase in temperatures comes the need for a reliable Air Conditioning system for your car. When the heat starts to approach North Texas many drivers find their A/C isn’t cooling properly. The expert mechanics at AAMCO Of Keller are here to provide some insight into some of the most common problems we see for drivers in the Keller and Fort Worth area facing air conditioning issues with their vehicle.

Reason #1: Your Vehicles AC Fan has Stopped Working

There is a fan in your cars air conditioning system that pushes air through the vents. If your fan isn’t working, your system can’t blow cool air. It can be as simple as a bad wire or as serious as a fan in need of replacement, but your A/C fan can require your entire dashboard to be taken apart. This can be difficult replacement for many auto owners and people that attempt to do it themselves can risk damaging their interior or dashboard. We always suggest bringing your car into AAMCO of Keller to ensure that your AC fan’s failure can be properly diagnosed.

Reason #2: Your Car’s AC has a Leak

Cars that have a leak in their AC systems are not an uncommon issue for many owners, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Your Vehicle uses a refrigerant known as Freon in your air conditioning system, but when it leaks out of your cooling system, your car will have nothing to dispel heat with. Freon can leak out slowly over time or may drain more quickly out of a larger opening.

If you notice fluid under your car, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our trustworthy mechanics at AAMCO Of Keller. A fluid leak can indicate that you’re A/C is leaking, but it also can be the sign of a much more serious problem. If you notice a leak and your air conditioning isn’t cold give AAMCO of Keller a call for us to schedule an appointment to perform a diagnostic on you cars AC system to see if it’s need of Freon replacement.

Reason #3: Your Car’s AC Compressor Won’t Engage

A compressor uses refrigerant to dispel heat and cool the airflow into your car. If there is an electrical fault in your A/C system, your Freon is low, or your vehicle is overheating, the computer in your car may automatically shut off the compressor to protect the system from damage. If there’s an issue in your engine, the air conditioning system is one of the first systems to be shut off making a terrible situation even harder for many owners.

If this occurs, it can be a sign of other issues. The mechanics at AAMCO Of Keller can check your car for other problems, including electrical issues and overheating issues, to narrow down what could be causing your compressor to shut off or not properly engage.

Reason #4: The Blend Air Door is Stuck

When you switch your car’s climate control from heat to A/C, there is a small door inside your AC’s ventilation system that moves to allow heated or cooled air into the system. This part of the AC system is known as the blend air door, and it can cause a lot of problems with your heating and cooling when it gets stuck. If this door won’t move, your system may continue to blow hot air from the engine, even when you have it switched to air conditioning. This is something that should be checked by a qualified mechanic like the experts at AAMCO of Keller. Should this be the case we can replace your blend air door easily. So contact us to today to schedule an appointment if you’re experiencing any issues with your car’s Air Conditioning system.

Don’t let the Texas heat keeping you from staying cool while driving this summer. Call us today at (817) 431-0009 or schedule your appointment online to have your AC checked by our AAMCO of Keller expert mechanics.


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